The church is God’s great dream and the direct result of the grace and mercy of God toward all mankind.  The church isn’t a building or an institution, it’s people.  The N.T. speaks of it as the Body of Christ and Jesus said, “I will build my church,” indicating who has authority and where real ownership actually exists.  The Church in the book of Acts starts with a fledgling group of people and grows to the point where it is said to be, “turning the world upside down.”  The church is not exclusive or hierarchical, it’s a body of people with Christ as the head.  There are people gifted and called by God to function within the church to assist in its growth and development again the N.T. states, “He gifts freely as he chooses.”

The.church @1330 is a local expression of the church spread across the nations.  We are a part of the Apostolic Church in Australia, a movement that was birthed out of a revival in Wales back in 1904.  The church for us is a community of people, a place of encouragement, nurture, teaching and preaching, fellowship and care.  This church is not perfect, it’s made up of people who are doing their best to serve one another.

Ruth and I invite you to visit us, experience the sense of community we feel and enjoy the sense of God’s presence that is obvious when we gather.

WayneandRuth Photo

Senior pastors : Wayne and Ruth Swift